Once again, the Occupy movement has reborn from its ashes on another european square: Paris.

The origins of this new social movement continues to generate controversy. It seems that in January 2016, certain groups of far – right ideology from France, who maintain strange links with Occupy movement groups located in the city of Annecy, called for a “general mobilization” against the current system:

As the analyst Gearóid OR Colmáin explained in his article published on the American Gérald Tribune “Journey to the End of the Night: The Paris ’Nuit Debout’ movement”:

“The movement took off after the release on February 23 of journalist Francois Ruffin’s film ’Merci Patron’- ’Thank you boss’, a firm critical of French plutocracy.


The French ruling class are not just guilty of destroying centuries of social gains by French workers, they are complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity. So why is Ruffin silent about that fact?

Ruffin writes for ’leftist’ publications which supported the NATO-backed ’rebels’ in Libya- rebels who were in fact Al-Qaeda terrorists in the service of NATO. In 2011 the ’left-wing’ Monde Diplomatique published an article on Libya declaring that there was no doubt about the ’brutality of the regime’, in spite of the fact all of the crime imputed to Colonel Gaddafi were carried out by the Takfiri ’rebels’.

Ruffin and the dishonest publications he writes for are all complicit in the genocide waged by NATO against the people of the Southern Hemisphere states, from the Middle East and Africa to Latin America.

No, none of these uncomfortable realities are depicted in Ruffin’s ’anti-capitalism.’ Instead, we have ultra-leftist slogans, petty-bourgeois irony and the mindless occupation of a public square by youths, who have neither the education nor the experience necessary to understand the structural reasons and deeper implications of the labour reform they claim to oppose.

The ’Nuit Debout’ movement is certainly not spontaneous, nor is it grass-roots and acephalous as so many pundits claim.

On the contrary, it is the result of decades of careful policy analysis by US imperial ideologues. Since the undemocratic dissolution of the USSR in, 1991, the United States has perfected a regime change technique commonly referred to as ’colour revolutions’. The strategy involves co-opting leftist slogans and symbols to serve a right-wing agenda. Lenin and the Bolshevik party had repeatedly denounced Leon Trotsky for utilizing this counter-revolutionary technique both before and after the October Revolution. It has now become a standard tool of US foreign policy.

The manipulation of youthful naivety and rebellion for the purposes of either overthrowing a foreign government hostile to US interests or creating a ’left-wing’ opposition movement in imperial countries designed to kill all real opposition- this is a strategy which every would be activist needs to study if he wishes to engage in movements capable of real, social, political and economic change.”

Perhaps this explains the ambiguity of the Nuit Debout´s claims. On this image taken during the demonstrations, we can read a sentence as absurd as “Neither capitalism nor anti – capitalism! Citizens!“.


However, there are indications that several journalists knew beforehand that it was preparing a new “Occupy Revolution” in France well in advance. As was stated by Eugénie Bastié in his article published on Le Figaro: “Nuit Debout: Origins of a not so spontaneous movement“:

“If we look more closely at this Twitter account, we see that the first accounts which followed up were those of Edwy Plenel, head of Médiapart, and Peter Jacquemain, Myriam el-Khomri´s former advisor, who stormed into the ministry after approval Labour law. Other ultra- left advocacy groups, accustomed to such events, put their experience at the service of the movement. Therefore, the demand for occupation of the Republic Square was presented by the anti-globalization organization ATTAC, while the sound was funded sometimes by the association of the Right to Housing, and others by the Solidarity South Union.”


Edwy Plenel and Mediapart


Therefore, this article ensures that Edwy Plenel, the founder of the alternative news web portal Mediapart, knew what was going to happen on the streets. This was suggested by Edwy´s activity on social networks:

Also Edwy Plenel´s presence is evident in his participation during a public debate which opened the “Night of Debates”:


It is important to pay attention to Plenel´s relationship with PILA, an “international mailboxes network for leaks” where, besides the director of Mediapart, collaborators include Gerard Ryle, who is nothing less than the director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) – an “independent” journalistic group who has risen to fame thanks to the spread of the so called “Panama Papers” and as you already know, are funded by George Soros´s Open Society Institute and by the Ford Foundation.

As the always masterfully Marat exposes in his blog, the Mediapart links with ICIJ are even closer:

“Wow! four French journalists working for the Soros´s Consortium, and it turns out that at least two of them are linked to Mediapart, one to France 2 and the other is a freelance.

If you enter on the part of ICIJ journalists ( and go to the letter A, you will find a certain Fabrice Arfi, who works for Mediapart. And if you go to the letter L ( there is Karl Laske, also of Mediapart.”


Well, if you have interest in conducting a further investigation, I propose you to see to what extent Mediapart is not just another media outlet promoting Nuit Debout, but a main element of it. Coincidence? I will leave that with you to consider.”

But there is even more. The first person who used the hashtag #NuitDebout was the photographer and filmmaker Raymond Mecherel:

He is the co-director of the film “Comme des Lions” (“Like Lyons”)… Interestingly, this film was recently screened during “Nuit Debout”.


It seems that Raymond is also very active on Mediapart blogs:

But maybe we should approach to the editorial line that such “alternative” media has maintained on recent years. Then we will observe several amazing facts around Mediapart.

For example, this media deemed as “anti- establishment”, published  in October 2015 an article that promoted the lastest book written by the main leader of  the serbian revolutionary movement Otpor!. Before the transcript of interview, this article describes in glowing terms the purpose of the book written by Serdja Popovic:


“Popovic is often presented as the inspirer of the “color revolutions” in former Soviet satellites, which in fact sometimes refer to Otpor!. But also as “the secret architect” of the Arab uprisings, due to the organization of various workshops a few months before the revolution of January 25, together with activists of the “April 6” Egyptian movement, which led the anti-Mubarak struggle, including Mohamed Adel, now imprisoned.

Beyond the exaggerations, while acknowledging that “all parts of the world are different” and that “non- violent movement in country A can not be a simple copy and paste to country B” Serdja Popovic proposes in addressing the issue, complex but exciting, to know under what conditions, to what extent and how a revolutionary movement can be organized and distributed.


The founder of Otpor! movement does not offer a theoretical treatise of the highest quality- its main references are Monty Python and The Lord of the Rings-  and by dint of wanting to dazzle, the tone is not always convincing, but offers a directory of infinite examples, both successes and failures. We review the rich experience  of the serbian movement Otpor! from the mini speakers that broadcast songs of the anti-Assad resistance hidden in piles of manure and rancid garbage in order to force the minions of the regime to wade them through pestilential places; through demonstrations of toys in Russia to divert ban on protests, until methods of the chileans to avoid being directly kidnapped and murdered by the secret Pinochet’s police, or driving with the car to idle for months as a form of subtle protest against the regime.”

Download the full article in PDF here

What’s happening here? Maybe Edwy Plenel has not yet learned that Otpor is directly linked to the CIA? Of course, it seems unlikely… Mediapart position about the fascist coup in Ukraine is also interesting. In many articles we can see that this media professes a certain degree of sympathy towards the EuroMaidan militants:



“In my work, I am especially interested in the value of the human being. When I play any political subject, I am very careful to make sure that I can handle their interpretation” says Sergii Radkevych. In response to the deaths committed by snipers in Maidan, who had fired on the crowd on February 20, 2014, killing 75 protesters on the Independence Square in Kiev (…) the artist painted a series of icons to the morgue in the form of peepholes and coffins. He says: “I started the RIP series after the first three deaths of protesters during the revolution. It was so painful that I wanted to throw my feelings against the wall. Maidan was a communion of society had never seen before in my country, where many people helping each other. Times were tough, but we tried everything to take over the defense of our ideas. This period was a very important influence in my painting. After the revolution, I tried to connect my experience of sacred art with the situation in my country. It is essential in order to respond to the reality that we live today, be as honest as possible. “What is the artistic situation in Ukraine today?” We have a big problem with the department of culture and institutions. But above all, we have seen a very strong activity in the art scene has also made significant progress this year, so many Ukrainian artists have created a powerful political and social work. The problems we are experiencing now offer us better subjects and better reasons to create. The situation is bad now. We face the same problems with the government: corruption, theft of money. But I believe in the coming of better days”.

Download the full article in PDF here

Also surprising is the interview with Mustafa Nayyem, also EuroMaidan activist, where he is described as a moderate and independent journalist.


Here we can see the “moderate” Mustafa Nayyem visiting his admired compatriots in the “Azov Battalion“. They are famous for not hiding their neo – Nazi tendencies (See the original link here).



Download the full article in PDF here

Again an interview with a Russian- language writer who proudly confesses to be in favor of the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine and of course, in favor of EuroMaidan… All of this while strongly condemning Crimea’s secession.


“His first published novel, The Penguin, was a success bestseller, and with it, Andrey Kurkov imposed his style, a blend of realism with absurd humor painted in a transition of a post-Soviet society. He told the story of a journalist hired to write early obituaries of people who later disappeared mysteriously, always accompanied on his travels by a penguin recovered at the zoo in Kiev.

Since Kurkov’s work was translated into 36 languages, he became the Russian- speaking writer best known abroad today. In the “Last President´s love” he portrayed an image of Ukrainian politics and the corruption, with some foreboding, heralding the Orange Revolution… In his latest book translated into French, the outfielder Ochakov, staged a young Ukrainian who, through a suit militiaman, is transported as soon as approved by the year 1957, in the small town on the bank of Black Sea, to Ochakov, a coastal town near Crimea… an interview with a writer who participated in the Maidan demonstrations and retains, despite their concerns, a profound optimism about the evolution of his country”.


“At the beginning of the Russian occupation of Crimea, you said: “Today, healthy in body and mind, I solemnly declare that I do not need that anyone protect me and I demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine “… Have you still friends from Russia?”

I must admit that the last four months, no one of Russian media has asked me any interview, and it seems strange! (Laughter) But you know, I’m not the only one who thinks this, in Kiev, 80% of the population speaks Russian, and 35-40% are originally Russians who think the same like me … In Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov, the same is true: in fact, the pro-Russians, who have always considered the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian identity as something of second class, are only a minority. In Russia, I have a couple of friends: I received much support from writers like Vladimir Sorokin, Boris Akunin, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Tetiana Shcherbina and others … But on my Facebook page, I have also received many insults, anonymous pages actually. I had already experienced this in 2004, after participating on the Orange Revolution, a woman of Putin´s administration said that I had become a Ukrainian nationalist of Russian language …!”

Download the full article in PDF here

But most surprising of all is the sympathy which Mediapart welcomes the struggle of Vasyl Cherapyn: he wants to convince to the Spanish activists that they must support to EuroMaidan militants, despite the fact that they want to join to the European Union and among them there are many Nazis.


“Since arriving in Madrid last Thursday, said Vasyl Cherepanyn to Mediapart, he spent all the time deconstructing the “prejudices” of friends and European activists on the mobilization which forced to Viktor Yanukovich to leave the power. “Here, people have told me, but why are you struggling to get into the EU? The EU is not worth to give a coup, etc. But that’s not the point! Those who say this have not understood anything, and I invite them to come to Ukraine to see what we’re talking about. Only Brussels Eurocrats think about the struggle to integrate Ukraine with Europe. We fight for fundamental freedoms, this Europe of fundamental rights. It is a story of the demos – the people – against the oligarchs.”

Cherepanyn, also teaches at the University of Kiev-Mohyla. He says: “We had a parliament that was not a real parliament. We had a righteousness that was not true justice. It was all pretense and artifice. The idea of Europe was used to demand democracy. It is a certain idea of Europe that we defend, which goes far beyond what are some of the European institutions …”.

A native of western Ukraine, Cherepanyn also runs a cultural center, which he describes as “a platform that brings together since 2008, artists, academics and activists” which was very involved, like many other structures, on the “EuroMaidan” since November. He acknowledges often feel at odds with the discussions that took place in Madrid, in the techniques of resistance to austerity, and the role of culture against the crisis: “Activists here only speak about neoliberalism and financial capitalism. But the enemy can be different: Here one also wants to talk about neo-feudalism or savage capitalism… “.

Above all, Cherepanyn insists, “dismantle the Kremlin propaganda, and the damage it does to understand what is at stake in Ukraine on the importance – relative to their eyes – of the right- wing militias on Maidan. Or in the division between “two Ukraines, one pro-European and the other pro-Russian”: “This does not exist, or rather, it is much more complicated. If Yushchenko failed in his time (…), it is because he has betrayed the social expectations of citizens. The problem of Ukraine is not the EU, not Russia. They are citizens who fight against the oligarchs. Despite what Russian propaganda says, because they have an interest in an escalation in the region, imposing their agenda.”

While Moscow intervened militarily in Ukraine, this Maidan activist still maintains the hope of a revival of European people. “Governments have for months expressed their “deep concern”… That did not cost them anything, and now they have to take action. And it is necessary that European citizens press their governments “, which offers hope, betting on the demonstrations in Ukraine and the European Union.


“This exciting reading of the crisis in Ukraine does not dislike to Cherepanyn, who remembers the Turks and Arabs origins of the word “Maidan” (“square”). “As an activist in Kiev, I try to include the Maidan movement in an international context of social movements. Our repertoire borrows concepts from both the Arab revolutions- the rejection of those who hold power- the Spanish indignados- the fight against corruption- or the Occupy movement in the United States- about how we occupy a square. “The models are circulating”, he confides. Would, therefore, at this point, less misunderstanding which seems: the future of Europe is at stake in its permeability to the outside”.

Download the full article in PDF here

Well, it seems that Edwy Plenel, friend of the French occupy movement, has not yet learned that Otpor! works for the CIA, and that the Euromaidan “revolution” was fabricated from the very beginning by the United States with the help of paramilitary fascists.


ATTAC and its relations with the globalist powers


About ATTAC, you should know several things:

1. One of the main demands of ATTAC is the imposition of the “Tobin tax“, which is not intended to eradicate speculation (that would be the only logic and reasonable solution), but to allow speculators continue to practice their outrages in exchange for requiring the pay of a tax … Needless to say that this initiative has the support of speculators like George Soros.

2. Among the Attac funders, we find “Le Monde Diplomatique” which has shares in the Spanish media group “PRISA” (15%) and Lagardère (17%). .. And in 2003, the same French government funded Attac.

3. Attac, the friends of Le Monde Diplomatique, is the main sponsor of World Social Forum, which, since its inception in 2001, received financial support from the Ford Foundation (in turn linked to the CIA).

4. Susan George, member and president of the Transnational Institute Board (funded by, among others, the George Soros’s Open Society Institute), is ATTAC’s honorary president.

All these facts indicate that ATTAC is a clear example of “control of the opposition“.

As we have explained, ATTAC was one of the main drivers of  World Social Forum. This excerpt from an article written by Michel Chossudovsky explains very well how these international events led by activists and NGO’s are serving in fact for the globalist agenda. Here is how they approached the issue of imperialist intervention in the North African countries:

“While the “Arab Spring” was presented as a revolutionary milestone, in reality the US and NATO sponsored and armed insurrections in Libya (2011) and Syria (2011-2013), which were considered as part of the “Arab Spring”:

“Now, we are at a crossroads where the reactionary forces and conservative want to stop the processes initiated two years ago with the [Arab Spring] uprisings in the Maghreb-Mashreq that helped topple dictatorships and to challenge the neoliberal system imposed in the towns . These riots have spread to all continents of the world, inspiring indignation and occupation of public spaces.”

The uprisings in the “Mashreq” and “Maghreb” mentioned in the final declaration relate mainly to Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The text of the statement is vague. No position is needed regarding US intervention and NATO in Libya and Syria.

What the document of World Social Forum (default) suggested is that “the Syrian opposition” which is sponsored by the United States, is “also” a genuine base of pro- democracy movement, comparable to that of Egypt. Similarly, the subsidiary of Al Qaeda “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” (LIFG), who led the “Arab spring” against the government of Muammar Gaddafi, was also regarded as a revolutionary force. It should be noted that Libya under Gadhafi was the only African country that rejected the neoliberal economic agenda implemented under the leadership of the IMF.

Several workshops on Libya tacitly applauded the Western military intervention. A session entitled “Libya’s transition to democracy “, focused on “Libya without Muammar Gaddafi is better”. Several NGOs “progressive” and “alternative media” which had supported the humanitarian NATO air strikes against Libya were present in Tunisia. No statement about the criminal nature of humanitarian bombing of NATO against Libya was made by the World Social Forum.”


So, it seems that the generous donations from the Ford Foundation were transformed into quite specific facts. By the way, ATTAC also played a key role during the initial formation of the 15-M movement in Spain.



The NGO’s network in the “Nuit Debout” movement


The Internet gives us with the means to discover who created an Internet domain through ““. You only need enter the URL of the “Nuit Debout” official website there… And here is the result!

nic-HDL: R11347-FRNIC
Contact: ROOT
Address: ROOT
Address: rue 22 bis of the Meeting
Address: 75020 Paris
Country: FR
Phone: +33 6 99 82 88 80
Secretary: 1 & 1 Internet SE
changed: 07.01.2016
Anonymous: No
Obsolete: NO
Source: FRNIC

The Domain Big Data page may helps us discover the identity of the person behind which any email address is. The following is its verdict about

A quick search on Google reveals that Bakir is the creator of the website dedicated to online petitions named “

Founder and Director of campaigns: Baki Youssoufou

The platform is directed by Baki Youssoufou. Militant associations, former President of the Confédération Étudiant (2008-2012), and former elected to the National Council for Higher Education and Research. Masters Baki: Bank holder /market risks and social economy.

Tel: +33 6 99 82 88 80


Baki Youssoufou stated in his Twitter account that he is part of the “League of African web activists for democracy” (Africtivistes):


If we enter into the “Africtivistes” page ( we see that among its main partners are the OSIWA (George Soros’s Open Society branch in West Africa: Open Society Initiative for West Africa) and the bloggers network “Global Voices” (which, in turn, is also funded by the Soros’s Open Society Institute).



Global Voices, promoting collective “Africtivistes” (Original link here)

Baki Youssoufou is also co- founder of the communications company with- profit “Raiz“, forming a team together with Noémie Toledano, a reporter of “Street Press“- an association of “street journalists” that has between its partners nothing less than the George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

Here we can read an interview that European Alternatives made to Bakir, who is described as an activist like the others:

“Baki Youssoufou is founder of, an online mobilization platform, and participant in the Nuit Debout movement ( which began last week in France. He shares his experience as a participant in his own name.”

Le Monde newspaper reported on April 9th that one of the first activists in the early Nuit Debout is Julien Bayou, from the newly created French Green Party (EEV).

“The new head of EELV party still not leaves his astonishment, on 31 March, when there was the first night of the “Nuit Debout” movement. The spokesman Julien Bayou, was part of the movement for several weeks. This figure of the Black Thursday was in effect on February 23 in the Paris job market, when François Ruffin, director of the documentary “Thanks boss!”, launched the initiative.”


We discovered soon that this young activist is already very well known for his activism. On his Wikipedia page we read the following about him:

In 2013, he was responsible for Avaaz campaigns, an NGO which was mobilized on various international issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and poverty. In particular, in this context he have participated in the campaign for the liberation of young Sevil Sevimli, a French- Turkish student jailed in Turkey for participating in a concert.”

There is no need to explain here the Avaaz’s long history serving to the imperialist powers, but for those who are still confused, I leave them this interesting article.


But if there is something striking in Bayou activism is his opinion about the Ukrainian conflict. In this article published on July 2015, he criticizes Thierry Mariani, the French deputy who led the delegation who attended an event held in Crimea after it was incorporated into the Russian Federation. He also accused him of complicity with Putin, whom Julien links with the French extreme right.


“With this trip without informing the Ukrainian side, you explicitly supports the annexation followed by an occupation carried out in violation of fundamental principles of international law and bilateral agreements, including the Treaty of 1997 between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, the basic documents of the United Nations, the OSCE and other international organizations.”

However, as stated in his Huffington Post blog, Bayou went to Ukraine as an observer of the legislative elections after the  illegitimate EuroMaidan coup. This is how this activist summarizes the backgrounds that Ukraine has lived before facing the said elections:


“These elections are a direct consequence of the Maidan Revolution, the mass protests that erupted in Ukraine in late 2013, when former President Yanukovych refused to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. After months of protests bloodily repressed, President Yanukovich left the country. The next elections to the presidential suite led to the victory of Petro Poroshenko.”

Whoops! Neither Julien knows nothing about the violent fascists during the Maidan coup? A quick look at official statement of his environmental party, the EELV, which was drafted in early 2014 on the occasion of the Ukrainian crisis, and which was signed by the same Bayou,  clarifies things:

EELV in Ukraine to support the peace movement and the territorial integrity of Ukraine 01.03.14


EELV reaffirms its support for the peace movement during party rallies of the Maidan and its commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

This Saturday, while the Russian Parliament has just voted the principle of military intervention “on the whole territory of Ukraine,” an EELV delegation has arrived in Kiev to give support to peaceful and pro-European demonstrators. Its composition includes Karima Delli, MEP Pascal Durand, a former national secretary of EELV and, accompanied by the president of the Ukrainian Community in France,they will visit the site of Maidan tomorrow, and Odessa on Sunday to reaffirm the right of Ukraine to peace, security and respect for fundamental rights.

Europe Ecology-The Greens strongly condemns any violence in Ukraine and any attempt to intimidate the new government in power. Free and transparent elections must be held without pressure or threat of military invasion.

EELV called the European Union, to which the new Ukrainian government has bravely turned to, and the international community to quickly provide financial assistance without austerity counterparties, the new Ukrainian government to avoid bankruptcy of the country to open a process of partnership with Ukraine providing a rapid relaxation of EU borders for Ukrainian citizens to take action to freeze the assets of Yanukovych and his clan, to demand the extradition from Russia of Yanukovich and his family so that they can be tried for their crimes by an international and independent court, and establish a strong dialogue with Putin to prevent the blood being shed again on Ukrainian territory.

Julian Bayou, spokesman
Sandrine Rousesau, spokesman


Original Source here:


Reprising his prominent activity on “Nuit Debout”, in this video Julien tries to explain to French television why he comes every night to the assemblies of this social movement:

Here is Julien Bayou participating in a meeting of european activists held on February 12th, sponsored by European Alternatives and in which Yanis Varoufakis officially launched its alter- european project called DiEM25 party, which aims to propose a “plan B for Europe”:

And here we can see him again, next to Varoufakis during the Nuit Debout meetings. As we will reveal more in advance, none of these facts are random occurrences.



The European Alternatives’s connection


A meeting of 66 activists and student associations in Brussels was held in February 2012. Among these associations appears one that certainly stands out above the rest: the Open Society Institute, which is owned by George Soros.

Among the association’s collaborates on this event appears “Democracia Real Ya!” (The most important citizen platform during the demonstrations of 15-M movement in Spain), “Take the Square” (very active during Occupy Wall Street protests), and the “Confédération Étudiant” the same organization that at that time (2012) was directed by Baki Youssoufou … Yes, the same person who later, in January 2016, will create the official domain

The page that promotes the meeting, sets out its goals:

“European citizens are increasingly feeling the need to articulate clear alternative politics in order to a European and transnational level directly, since this is the only possibility for European citizens to snatch the power to financial markets in order to decide their own future.


The Congress is organized by European Alternatives, a transnational organization and movement of citizens working in Europe to carry out campaigns, conferences, festivals, and consultations with citizens”.

At the end of official video of the European Congress for Change, we note that between organizations that are awarded “special thanks” is Soros’s Open Society Foundations (see at 05: 27):


Now we begin to understand many things. For example, one of the most active NGO’s involved in “Nuit Debout” is the “Mouvement Français pour non Revenu Base” (MFRB).

In the section “Le mouvement” we can access a brief description of such NGO:

“The basic income proposals are numerous, both its quantity and its funding. The MFRB wants to gather these different approaches under this common denominator: the idea that the basic income should be a universal, individual and unconditional right. We are part of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and since 1986 are affiliated to the European Alliance for Basic Income (Ubie) created in 2014. The French Movement for Basic Income promotes basic income, which brings together all the players (facilitators) and followers of this idea, without being affiliated with any political party.”

The Basic Income Earth Network, the international movement which MFRB belongs, is one of the European associations which participated on the European Congress for Change, the same event organized by European Alternatives, which we have already mentioned above.

It seems that the crux of the matter comes from non- governmental organizations, that have been properly trained in “transnational campaigns” sponsored by the European Commission and the Soros’s Open Society Institute.

One of the main directors of European Alternatives is none other than Ulrike Guérot, who not long ago worked at the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE), one of the most powerful Soros’s tentacles in Europe.


The links between European Alternatives and the Open Society Foundations are almost endless. It is sufficient to note that many of its initiatives appear as being openly financed by such foundations:

In the description of the following video, we read:

“Documentary travelling through Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, visitng and conecting activists’ organizations.

As part of “Transeuropa caravans: connecting local alternative voices”

A project coordinated by European Alternatives (, funded by Europe for Citizens” Program of the European Union and “Open Society Foundation Europe”.

Find out more information about the Citizens Manifesto on“.

And indeed, to confirm all our suspicions, we can enter European Alternatives’ official page, and in the section “Our funders“, it follows that one of its main founders is precisely the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE):


But if you want to know the backgrounds of European Alternatives, it is necessary to read this statement where this organization shows his support to EuroMaidan protests.

“European Alternatives condemns absolutely the violence being inflicted on protestors in Ukraine by the state authorities, which has led to at least two confirmed dead. Many Ukrainians have braved freezing temperatures to protest against a corrupt government that has shown repeatedly it has not got the best interests of its people at heart.

The protests in Ukraine are about more than a will to join the European Union or to side with Russia in geopolitical terms. They are about universal values that Europe claims to represent and advocate: democracy, liberty of speech, the right to live in peace, anti-corruption. This is about Europe in its most noble sense of a cultural commitment to these values and not in the sense of a bordered territory.

Unfortunately the actions of the European Union institutions which must defend and advance these values has been weak in its response to the violence, and is further undermined by tolerating situations of media repression, anti-democratic tendencies and abuse of fundamental rights inside the very borders of the EU.

The European Union must show it is standing strongly with the protesters, calling explicitely for international sanctions against the assets of the nomenklatura.

Ukrainians are reminding us what Europe stands for: we stand with them and all those engaged in similar struggles inside and outside the European Union.”


So, this transnational and progressive organization, which is known for its rejection of the austerity policies of the European Union, shows here its unconditional support for violent and fascist pro- EU protesters of EuroMaidan. And yes, it seems that where flows Soros’s money, any contradiction can be feasible.



Plan B for Europe: Soros and the “piecemeal social engineering”


Indeed, this all indicates that we are highlighting a social engineering masterplan concocted by George Soros, which is not difficult to guess. Let’s see:

  • July 2011. Here we can read that George Soros published an article where he stated that “Europe needs a plan B“. His first sentence is verbatim “The European Union was created by what Karl Popper called piecemeal social engineering.
  • January 2016. Varufakis calls to European left- wing in Madrid to develop with them what he calls a “Plan B for Europe”. The manifesto is quickly supported by important members of EELV, Podemos and Attac.
  • February 2016. Lorenzo Marsili, director of European Alternatives (who organizes events where european activists are trained during “transnacional campaigns” funded by the Soros’s Open Society Foundation) announced his support to Yanis Varoufakis’ initiative about “Plan B” for Europe:
  • April 17th, 2016. Varoufakis, out in praise of crowds in front of their Occupy followers of the “Nuit Debout” protests (now turned into a global movement), announced his “Plan B” for Europe. The “great master plan” of “piecemeal social engineering” designed by Soros in 2011 becomes true five years later.

After all of this, the question is: when will the French people, and therefore the European people, allow this deception continue?


I am Andrei Kononov. From Utopia Collective, we will keep reporting.



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